Ziv Avriel

Ziv has been dj’ing since the early 90’s; in 1996 he left for Amsterdam to experience The European music scene. In Amsterdam he discovered the sound of techno with dj's like: Sven-Vath, Jeff-Mills and others who influenced him. It took a few months till he shaped his set and started to play everywhere he could (from the Fun-Factory to various venues in Amsterdam). Ziv's musical style c...

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Born and raised in Amsterdam, bought his first decks in 1990 and started playing house and techno under the name of dj Diablo. As a dj he played at many clubs like club Mazzo, Paradiso, Time, Melkweg, Lichtfabriek, Fun Factory, Graan Silo, the Catacombs, AMP ,Paradiso, Melkweg, studio’s, Trance Buddha, on festivals like New Frontier, Hellraiser, Dance Valley and later on the Wooferland parti...

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Born and raised in Amsterdam, Started collecting hip hop records and tapes at a very young age. At new years night 1996 he went to his first house party Timemachine at the melkweg in Amsterdam. After a few party’s he decided to get his first decks and started spinning records himself. Hey played at different parties in Amsterdam for the Night breed, Kgb and Properbeats. After a few years his...

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