Dave Mech

Dave Mech

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Dave Mech


Real name / David Van Egmond
Moniker(s) / Dave Mech

Traveling through this life in search of new sounds.

In the rearview mirror I see a guitar, bass, and drums; playing in bands and touring throughout the Netherlands. Such a wonderful time. Looking back further into the past, when I was only 4 or 5 years old, I was mimicking sounds I heard around me with my voice. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I got to use it all when I came in contact with true electronic music and the way it was created. It stuck immediately.

Sound is such an interesting thing because it can be very abstract. You can hear something and within your mind you can create whole songs from that sound. it's not right there in front of you like when you visualize something. It's all within you.

Electronic music opens gates to any sound. And that's why I fell in love with it. One can even sample a real sound and create something new with it electronically. And that's where I love to be. Right there, using everything I can get my hands on and create something with it.

Although electronic music knows many energetic forms, I tend to focus on the higher energy side of things. A good groove can create energy within someone, and I think that's very powerful. Choice of sound design has a similar effect, though indirectly. I like it dark, but will try and use every kind of mood. I wouldn't play an entire dark live set, because it can be a bit too much. Going through different moods keeps us sharp and keeps the energy flowing.

Keeping my own energy flowing is important as well, and that's why I like to improvise. Although I use some pre-constructed recipes, the way I arrange, mix, or even completely mangle them, is improvised. It keeps me on my toes and I get surprised by unforeseen things which I can capitalize on, or need to fix within seconds.

I've been a focusing on techno for years now, because it combines these principles of freedom to do with sound whatever I choose, energetic grooves, improvisation, and giving energy to people on a dancefloor.


  • Aztec: The Reworks (Remix) - Digital MS - drdms024 - 2010 defuse records
  • Shermanic (Remix) - Digital MS - drdms018 - 2014 defuse records
  • Aztec (Remix) - Digital MS - drdms014 -2013 defuse records
  • Manic (Remix) - Digital MS - drdms031 - 2018 defuse records